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Get Brexit Ready – News Update on Declarations Required


We attach a link to a guidance note from HMRC just published which gives some information on what Customs declarations are required as businesses move Goods in to the UK from the 1 Jan 2021 as the transition period ends. The note covers declarations required on goods moving between Northern Ireland into the rest of the UK as well. It’s a useful prompt but there remains a number of places where it advises more detail will be published – so it’s an area to watch out for. We will be covering what we know on VAT related aspects at our end of the month session and the updates that have arisen in the month – to join us book on through this link »

There is a separate note on the declarations for goods leaving the UK from the 1st January.

Having chaired a UK Government online event last week where the Secretary of State for Wales spoke on policy issues and a representative from HMRC provided signposting to areas where HMRC have support to be accessed by the UK business community, it was clear from the nature of the questions being asked by attendees that the issues remain at a “detail” level. This either infers there are gaps where information is not yet available or to the need for businesses to address their specific questions in the context of needing advice rather than general signposting. HMRC cannot “advise” unfortunately. There are other sources of more tailored, business relevant, information – as hopefully our readers find on our site and at our Brexit Ready VAT Sessions – the next one is on the 30th Nov at 10am but we are increasingly involved in reviewing supply chain related arrangements for our clients to ensure they are truly ready for the end of the transition period.

If Centurion can be of assistance therefore please go get in touch – when VAT gets complicated we are only a call away.

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