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Get Ready for Brexit – The Video

Following the online session from UK Government last week at which there was a lot of useful signposting by HMRC to information to help all organisations prepare for the end of the transition period I attach a link to the news page which includes the full recording of the session. The HMRC content starts at about 25 mins in, if that is a help. If you do listen to it all you may spot me saying MOSS rules apply to goods where I should have said services – trying to multi task competing technologies with chairing the session I’m afraid! – but that aside there’s a lot of good information reference points from Claire Wilson at HMRC for you to register on for freely available information. Sites mentioned include:

Main Government Site - 

Government site to support businesses trading through Northern Ireland -

HMRC Forum for Businesses to use for Questions specific to their concerns -

At Centurion we are conscious that whilst there is continuing information coming out, the challenge for businesses and organisations of all types is knowing what they particularly need to research, review and changes they need to implement.

Book your Get VAT Brexit Ready Review:

As the clock ticks down to the end of December please do get in touch with us if you need dedicated input from our specialist team to get you ready. Once we know you need support we can schedule that review time into our diaries. We are finding that our Get VAT Ready Review meetings with clients will certainly take at least half a day and often longer, so please do give us early notice where you need that support from now till the end of December.

Clearly we will continue with this review support through into the New Year but if your organisation needs time-sensitive VAT support to get you ready for the end of the transition period now is the time to get in touch with us. Call your regular Centurion VAT specialist contact or use  

Centurion Get Ready Online Update:

Our next Centurion information update on  Brexit-related VAT issues will be on the 30th November at 10am and you can sign on to attend here and this is where we’ll share all the latest news on changes we’ve picked up during the month. We will schedule a December date and will post that on our events page shortly.


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