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Brexit Ready VAT Update – How will an EU business claim a UK VAT Refund from 1 Jan 2021


If you are an EU based business but incur some UK VAT on your business costs then the way in which you will be able to claim a Refund from the UK Tax authorities will be changing as the UK leaves the EU on the 31 December 2020. There has been news that the UK will continue to accept online VAT Refund claims for UK VAT incurred up to the 31 December 2020 through the existing online portal up to 11pm on the 31 March 2021. However, for UK VAT incurred from the 1 Jan 2021 any EU business will have to make a manual claim for a UK VAT refund and these claims can start to be submitted from the 1 April 2021. These manual recovery rules can be found here

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