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VAT Liability of Commercially run School Holiday Clubs


VAT Liability of Commercially run School Holiday Clubs

Following a First Tier VAT Case taken by RSR Sports Limited HMRC have now issued some updated VAT guidance for operators in this sector which would be a useful read through. The Guidance does open up the potential for providers in a similar position to seek a VAT Exemption on the charges for such services and of course there is a retrospective implication to consider.

Definitely a case that will be determined on the facts of the offering by the business so if you need help with considering it’s affect on your business or on the businesses of your clients now is the time to give Centurion VAT a call and we can help you review your situation.

A good example of where VAT gets complicated but as we are only a call away Centurion are always “local” when it comes to helping you with your VAT needs. Email us at 


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