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Problems with Postponed VAT Accounting Statements – HMRC News


HMRC have issued an update on what to do if you have systems problems accessing the PVA statement you will need to protect your VAT reclaims on imported goods.

It states the following:

“We are aware that some importers are having problems when trying to access statements to account for import VAT on VAT returns, particularly in March 2022. We are working urgently to resolve this issue and expect to have March statements available from Thursday 28 April.

You can estimate your import VAT figures for the months you cannot access statements for.

Your estimate should be as accurate as possible, based on the amount you’ve paid for the goods and any other costs you agreed to cover. For example:

  • packaging
  • transport
  • insurance

Your estimate can include any customs duties due on the goods, but it does not have to do so.

Once you can access the service and get your statement, you’ll need to make an adjustment to reflect the difference from your estimate, and account for this on your next return.”

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