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New VAT Fuel Scale Charges from 1 May 2022


Access the updated VAT Fuel Scale Charges to apply from the 1 May 2022 here They will apply VAT periods starting on or after that date.

There’s still no news from HMRC on the review they were undertaking into VAT recovery on Electric Vehicle recharging by employees at their home addresses for cars used for business purposes – currently they see that as a supply of electricity to the employee not to the business which seems at odds to the treatment of petrol that an employee buys for which a VAT deduction can apply through the Mileage Rate calculation.

As businesses develop their Net Zero strategy to reduce their carbon footprint, the interaction with VAT and Environmental Taxes such as the Climate Change Levy, should not be ignored especially if that strategy includes own energy generation or in the construction sector looks at the re use of materials, such as aggregates on major projects. The new Plastic Packaging Tax is having a wider impact than many businesses envisaged for example.

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