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VAT Post Brexit – How’s it going?


With the 30th June having passed, access to the very welcome SME Brexit Fund was unfortunately curtailed. This fund certainly provided much needed funds to a range of businesses trying to get to grips with the new era of international trade across the EU. We tried to encourage the relevant government ministers to continue to leave the fund open for applications – especially as we had heard it had been undersubscribed. However, that was not to be.

For our Welsh-based clients, there is, however, still some access to Welsh Government funding via their Export Grant Fund:

Grants available to fund Bespoke VAT Training for your Export Team

With many businesses having questions on the export zero rating rules and the correct level of export evidence to support VAT zero rating, it is great to see Welsh Government has stepped up with access to an Export Training Grant to help that training need.

At Centurion, supporting our old and new clients to get to grips with the range of Brexit related trading issues has been a key theme for many months as the business community moves out of lockdown and deals with trading, as well as looking for growth, overseas. VAT support in terms of Reviews from our specialist team to help evaluate the Brexit impact areas has kept us busy and our support in addressing them is only a call away. If post Brexit VAT-related concerns continue to challenge you or your business, Centurion can help access EU VAT support to create working solutions for your issues as well as dealing with all your UK VAT related issues.

Should upskilling your Finance, Export and Logistics staff be on your action list then we have VAT and Exporting Sessions that can be tailored to your business needs and delivered online. Being able to access funding for up to 50% of the costs to assist in that was important to signpost to our network.  

To find out more on the Grant Fund speak to your Welsh Government International Trade Adviser / Business Development Manager or contact them via:

For when VAT gets complicated our support is only a call away on 0330 124 7740 or by email at


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