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With increased financial pressure on resources across all parts of the Charity sector Centurion felt it was important to ensure any Charity – VAT registered or not – was up to speed with the way in which the VAT rules apply to their sector. Whilst VAT reliefs are limited, they can be very valuable to a charity in terms of being able to buy in certain costs without having to pay 20% VAT on top. This is particularly true when charities are involved in property development projects. We thought to start the New Year off with a good basic grounding in all things VAT for a Charity, therefore.  If you find that suppliers have been charging you VAT incorrectly then with the potential to ask for credit notes back over the last four years even a small recovery of overpaid VAT into the financial coffers of your charity could prove invaluable and ensures this course would pay for itself and more.

If your charity has lost financial staff and you have new team members taking over the VAT management for you then this session would be ideal in explaining the VAT compliance rules to ensure your VAT returns are submitted on time and accurately. We do cover a lot of issues across this session but aim to make it as practical and interactive as we can. Julie Rawlinson-Smith and Liz Maher will be delivering the session and they will be very familiar names from their long involvement in VAT and in the Charity sector.

The session will be held online on Tuesday 26th January 2021.  For more information and to book please click HERE


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