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UK VAT claims by overseas businesses - claim deadline approaching


If you are an overseas business without a UK VAT registration or have clients in this position, then the clock is ticking on your ability to apply to HMRC for a VAT recovery on any UK VAT you or they have incurred in the year to June 2023.

This reclaim process sits outside of the normal VAT Return cycle in the UK and annual claims for UK VAT incurred in the 12 months to the end of June have to be submitted to HMRC by the 31 December of that year.

As we are now in November this is just a timely reminder that now is a good time to get these claims submitted.

If you need help with any VAT submission then do get in touch with your usual Centurion VAT colleague here at the Xeinadin Group - via or call 0330 124 7740.

We can help you put the claim together and submit it directly to HMRC on your behalf.


This note is for information only and advice should always be sought on your specific situation.



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