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HMRC & the future of Customs Declarations - Call for Evidence


HMRC have opened a consultation into areas of simplifications to the customs declarations process and the use of technology in this regard. This consultation closes on the 8th September, so whether you import or export goods into or from the UK, have a role as a customs intermediary or are a software provider in this sector, now is the time to engage in the information gathering process.

There is an additional consultation – which closes on the 22 September into the issues businesses find in dealing with the temporary admissions (TA) of goods into the UK. Interesting to note that this call for evidence, whilst looking at temporary admissions, doesn’t include within its scope the rules and processes around the use of ATA Carnets. We have heard of a range of difficulties from our university clients in dealing with ATA Carnets and it is good to note that in respect of ATA Carnets HMRC are working with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry to improve guidance in their use.

These calls for evidence are increasingly used by HMRC over a range of topics and it would be hoped that, having been alerted through these to the concerns of taxpayers and their suggestions for improvements, that we do see practical improvements to systems and processes for managing the movement of goods into and out of the UK. Manufacturing clients are often at the forefront of experiencing the delays from cross border transactions and these consultations do create a vital opportunity for industry voices to be heard.

Where VAT issues arise on the movement of goods don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as Xeinadin’s Indirect Tax team at – through our specialist network we also have access to Customs expertise that you can connect with.

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