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Are you a UK based Online Retailer looking for an EU IOSS Intermediary – we have the solution!


UK businesses that sell goods B2C into the EU can consider whether for them the use of the Import One Stop Shop Scheme (IOSS) is a similar option for them to help ease their VAT accounting issues across the EU. The primary concern for many UK businesses in this area – where they sell off their own website – is that the UK business needs to appoint an EU based Intermediary to register and submit the required IOSS Returns. That Intermediary role is a service that brings additional costs obviously for the UK business. At Centurion we have a cost effective EU based solution that we can provide in this respect. As a part of the Xeinadin Group Network of accountancy firms we have a partner accountancy firm based in Ireland ready to assist as your IOSS Intermediary and this has already proved a reliable and cost effective solution for Online Retailers. If this is of interest contact us at

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