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VAT issues for Movement of Goods – Northern Ireland Protocol


As noted in our earlier newsbyte further information is being published on the Brexit VAT processes that UK business will need to get familiar with as our departure from the EU approaches. August sees guidance being produced on a range of movements of goods into and out of Northern Ireland. In addition the European Commission has proposals out to introduce a special VAT number to identify businesses in Northern Ireland. This follows on from their wider approach policy paper regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol which was published in April 2020, so we are now getting to the specifics of how VAT will operated across Northern Ireland and how UK businesses who trade with or through NI will be affected.

At Centurion we’ll be keeping abreast of all of these plans in order to inform our clients and this will feed into our Brexit Ready VAT Review programme where businesses can use our knowledge and expertise to get them Brexit Ready. These virtual VAT reviews are geared to be the catalyst to help you focus on where the Brexit VAT changes will affect you – providing clarity on actions required. If this support service would be welcome get in contact with your usual Centurion VAT adviser; use or call 01633 415390.

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