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Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA) Statements – April Errors Resolved


Importers using the PVA system will be familiar with technical problems on the accuracy of the PVA statements in April. HMRC have issued news that these should now be resolved but importers should download a new version of the April PVA statement and ensure it has a publication date of the 16 or 17 May.

Check for issues with your April 2022 statements

There has been a technical issue with statements produced in April 2022. This means your import VAT figures may not have been correct. HMRC has fixed the issue and issued replacement statements.

If you downloaded your April 2022 statement before 16 May 2022, you should not use that statement to complete your VAT Return. To access your replacement statement, visit the statement page on your dashboard and download the version that has replaced the older version. Your new statement will have a publication date of 16 or 17 May.”

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