HMRC to close its VAT Helpline on Fridays, 25 February to 25 March


It’s common knowledge that HMRC are currently struggling with a back log of unopened post. Even letters sent registered post in December have yet to appear on their action lists. For VAT group registration applications the backlog of unopened post goes back to June/July 2021. 

As a route to catching up, HMRC staff have been diverted from the VAT Helpline for a trial period on Fridays and such has been the success that this will run again through February and March to address the delays. The news has been reported in the Accountancy Daily press and covers other tax helplines not just VAT. Perhaps the cutting of HMRC VAT staff with the continuing effect of Covid and possibly internal moves of offices and staff has finally combined in a perfect storm of challenges for VAT management, but the current state of affairs regarding delays cannot continue. Recruitment and training of new staff would be a long term solution but in the short term there’s no point in ringing the HMRC VAT Helpline on Friday’s.

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