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HMRC Brexit Reminder Letter – Businesses with Poor Compliance will not access Simplified Declarations


HMRC have circulated their latest reminder letter to UK businesses to ensure they prepare for Brexit. With 2 months to go before the end of the Transition period it is a timely reminder that whatever the state of any “deal” that is reached between the EU and the UK, the way in which a UK business will deal with the paperwork (declarations) when moving goods in and out of the UK and the associated VAT accounting treatment on the imports of goods is going to change.

There have already been announcements regarding the importation of goods into the UK and steps brought in to ease UK Businesses into the extra declarations that they would have to deal with when they now import EU sourced goods from the 1st Jan 2021. The use of a simplified declaration stage for example – at least up until the 30 June 2021 – rather than full declarations and the use of postponed VAT accounting for the VAT due on all imported goods not just EU sourced goods.

It is also clear that any goods that leave the UK will be subject to export declarations being required, irrespective of whether the end customer is a private consumer or a business customer. This will be another issue for UK retailers to consider along with the stated withdrawal of the UK Retail Exports scheme that has been announced.

However, as HMRC letter reminds us, the access to the simplified stage import declarations is not open to businesses with a poor compliance record with HMRC. Such businesses should expect a further letter from HMRC it states. That will be something to watch out for in those affected businesses.

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