Coronavirus Testing Kits and Services – VAT Clarification


There’s been much in the news about the quality of services delivered by some CV Testing suppliers as the UK public deals with the challenges of travel in this new environment. HMRC have also issued VAT guidance on the VAT liability of supplies of such services in this new note which you can find here.

 It's a useful read as it clarifies the meaning of “state regulated” in the content of bodies that can qualify for the VAT Exemption on the supplies of medical services – which includes diagnosis – which these services would look to fall under.

 If you need to check what the VAT treatment of CV Testing services are then this guidance note should help. It is also important to check that if someone is saying that they will be charging you VAT that they are a genuine VAT registered business. You can do a basic check on this by looking at the HMRC site here  and ensure that the VAT number on the businesses site is a genuine one and relates to that business.

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