Connecting your Concerns: Furloughing, VAT and Funding Webinar


As well as providing direct VAT support across our clients Centurion is also working with the South Wales Chamber of Commerce to ensure all types of organisations have access to the latest available business information. Please find below a link therefore to the Chamber Webinar delivered on the 3rd April which as well as covering VAT talked through the rules around furloughing as well as providing information on the currently available government financial support.

We thought this wider view on areas would be of use to you in these difficult times. As ever do get in touch if VAT issues do arise.

If you would like to watch the meeting recording please click on the link below:

Connecting your Concerns: Furloughing, VAT and Funding

NB: Please note that details provided were as up to date at the time of the recording and please be aware that information may have changed or been updated since the recording.


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