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Changes to the VAT group registration and amendments forms


In the latest update from HMRC we’ve noted a change which HMRC hope will be an added simplification to the process for new Group registrations, in that they have combined the previous VAT50 and VAT51 into one.

We’ve noted their comments on their perception of the benefits below:

“The benefits of this are:

  • reducing the time, it takes to complete the VAT registration and amendments process
  • avoiding delays caused by missing documents being sent to HMRC
  • removing any duplication of questions
  • supporting correct identification of customers in line with the changes made to the VAT Registration Service”

With the continuing delays in response times from HMRC on a range of matters it would be hoped that this indeed will be a further help in this regard.

They state that this form will be required for all new VAT group registrations from 13 September 2021.

This links into HMRC’s digital plans in the way in which they can gather information but they will still require a VAT50/51 form as an attachment for group registrations for the details of additional members where there are more than 20 and we note that any changes to existing VAT Groups will remain a manual print and post process.


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