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Corporate Planning for VAT & Brexit Impact:


Corporate businesses that trade across the EU and beyond clearly need to be factoring into their strategic plans the impact VAT changes may bring. Key areas to consider include:

  • VAT registration positions across the EU
  • Supply Chain impact – what do you source from where and where your customers are based
  • Reassuring EU trading partners on any perceived impact issues
  • Clarifying impact messages to your non-EU Head Offices as to the impact to the UK business arm within a global supply chain
  • Impact of loss of access to EU “simplification” measures such as Triangulation
  • Impact of changes to VAT recovery mechanism for business related VAT incurred in EU states
  • Evaluating the impact of existing EU consultations which could apply pre-Brexit
  • Establish impact of VAT changes on existing ERP systems

Whilst the impact will vary across business sectors what is important is to start consideration of the issues now. The Centurion VAT Experts can deliver a VAT & Brexit update inhouse to your finance and commercial operations team to inform and identify where the impact issues will lie from the VAT perspective so give us a call on 01633 415390 and let’s get the conversation started.

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